Episode: Not Again Director: Chris Shelton Writer: Libby Ward Year: 2015 Cast: Danielle Rosario, Jackie Torres, Adam Barlett, Ashley Alquist   Motherhood comes in pairs within this family, mom (Jackie Torres) has two daughters, Jennifer (Ashley Ahlquist) & Katie (Danielle Rosario) who also gives birth to two babies, without even […]

I Still Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant (TV Series)

Role: Alicia Castello Director: Tim Cruz Writer: Robert Axelrod Year: 2015 Cast: Natalia Ochoa, Jackie Torres, Daniel Lench, Eddie Ramos, Kassie Thornton   After trying unsuccessfully to mend their daughter’s ways, she is a kleptomaniac and has not achieved anything positive in life, mom (Jackie Torres) and dad (Daniel Lench) […]

The Real Steal (TV Movie)

Revelaciones proféticas Jackie Torres, comunicóloga escritora y periodista nos trae un programa de radio único basado en las profecías bíblicas y su impacto en la sociedad actual.             Escúchala por :Cristo Rey Radio TV

Revelaciones Proféticas

On the eve of getting their American Citizenship, the Muñoz’ family does not have much to celebrate, until a book written by their goddaughter (Laura) gives them a shot at achieving the American Dream.   Amigo Films Role: Laura Muñoz Director: Jackie Torres Cast: Jackie Torres, Mario Ramírez, Rebeca Silva, […]

The Price of the American Dream

Trying to guard their frontiers from illegal aliens, the border patrol will face their biggest threat yet, the ultimate frontier, one that crosses the boundaries between time and space, life and death, one they cannot set limits upon. Jakmar Entertainment Role: Narrator Director: Jackie Torres Cast: Jackie Torres, José Caro, […]

Crossing frontiers

Marcano…El Show Telemundo Network Series Regular Role: Several Cast: Héctor Marcano, Funky Joe, Wilfred Morales, Jackie Torres

Marcano…El Show

Role: Carmen Director: Juan Feldman Writer: Joel Silverman Year: 2015 Cast: Marcia Gay Harden, Oscar Jaenada, Jackie Torres, Jenna Ortega, Ron Canada   Falling in love can be tricky; especially when a suicidal tourist (Marcia Gay Harden) falls in love with a tour guide (Oscar Jaenada) who sells his love […]

After Words

(TV Series documentary) Role: Alexis (mom) Episode: Get Your Rocks Off Director: Justin Jones Writer: Justine Liese Year: 2014 Cast: Kristen Tarrago, Jackie Torres, Keu Reyes   When mom’s rules (Jackie Torres) are broken, her adult daughter (Kristen Tarrago) and her boyfriend (Keu Reyes) have to face the the price […]

Sex Sent Me to the ER

Alta Exposición (Short) Role: Olimpia Director & Writer: Cecilia Robles Year: 2013 Cast: Cecilia Robles, Jackie Torres, Stomy Bugsy, Dyana Ortelli, Luis Fernández-Gil, Jennice Fuentes, Alejandro Antonio, Vanessa Herrera, Randy Vasquez, Davis Choh   A flight attendant (Cecilia Robles) who enters a photography contest, has to do a self-portrait but […]

Alta Exposición